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Custom Three Panel Wardrobe Mirrors Made To Size. Choose Flat Top Or Raised Top Design. Make Your Selection From Hundreds Of Options. Framed or Frameless Tri Fold Mirror | Dressing Mirror |Wardrobe Mirror | Wing Mirror.  Choose The Style Color And Design That Is Best For Your Home Or Office Decor

 Three Panel Dressing MIrrors Made To Your Size

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Counter-Top Frameless Three-Panel Wardrobe Dressing Mirror!

Counter-Top Vanity Mirror Tri Fold Mirror Wall Mounted
Wall Mounted Frameless
3-Panel Mirror

Get a 360 view from the waist up with this great product starting at $249.99
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Full-Figure Frameless Three-Panel Wardrobe Dressing Mirror

Tri Fold Mirror Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted  Frameless
3-Panel Mirror

Get a full-length view with this easy to use product starting at $649.99
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We Offer Hundreds of Options
In Custom Wardrobe Mirrors

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 Custom Wardrobe MIrror Distressed Frame

Dressing Mirror

Classic Dressing Mirror

Three Panel Wardrobe Mirror

Three Panel Mirror

Custom Three Panel Wardrobe Mirrors Made To Order 

We are very flexible in our ability to make three panel dressing mirrors. Select a size and style from the offerings shown here or contact us with you special requests. We can make any size. 

 Three Panel Dressing mirror

 Department Store Style Dressing Mirror

 Winged Mirror

 Three Panel Wardrobe Mirror

3 Panel Mirrors

Small  Frame
Dressing Mirrors


Flat Top Three Panel Wardrobe Mirrors Custom Made To Your Exact Size

Every Multi Panel Mirror Can Be Made To Fold As A Room Divider 

Raised Top 3 Panel Dressing Room Mirror Creates Style And Function In Any Home or Office Decor

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Flat Top Wardrbe Mirror

Custom Three Panel Mirrors Made To Your Size

Mirror Room Divider

raised_top_3_panel.jpgRaised Top Wardrobe Mirror

  "I searched for a long time looking for and could not find a three panel wardrobe mirror until I came across your company on my internet search.  Thanks again...and the 22 inch wings are perfect."  
Cheryl Tampa, Florida

 Each Three Panel Mirrors Has A High Quality Cloth Backing

 Each Dressing Mirror Has A Finsihed Fabric Back 

Wardrobe Mirrors Made To Size

We offer unlimited opportunities in the CUSTOM design of multi-panel wardrobe dressing mirrors. We make them to order and can make them in any size.  Small three panel Winged Mirrors can sit on a dressing table - some of our three panel mirrors can hang on the wall  -  all the large wardrobe mirrors can be used as floor mirrors. Every three panel mirror is made In the USA in our Southern California Facility. 
Three Panel Dressing Mirror, Wardrobe Mirrors, Home Decor
Raised Top Three Panel Dressing Mirror, Wardrobe Mirror, Home Decor
Flat Top Three Panel Wardobe Mirror, Dressing Mirror, Home Decor
Slim Style Mahogany Beaded Frame Panel Mirror
Dressing Room Mirror, Three Panel Mirror, Home Decor
Custom 3 Panel Mirrors made to size, Hundreds of Options
Contemporary Style 3 Panel Mirror
Prom Date, Wedding Day, 3 Panel Mirror
Flat Top Panel Mirror, Residential Dressing, Retail Dressing
Slim Style Flat Top Mirror, Compact Panel Mirror, Home Decor
Classical Arch Top Wardrobe Dressing Mirror
Rustic Flat Polished Three Panel Dressing Wardrobe Mirror
Wide Style 3 Panel Dressing Mirror
Three Panel Wing Mirrors, Wing Mirror, Home Decor
Arch Top Dressing Mirror, Classical Wardrobe Mirror, Home Decor

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