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WM1669-1 | Distressed Gray | Custom 3 Panel Wardrobe Mirror

Price: $2,299.99
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Custom Wall Decor Since 2001

Custom Three Panel Wardrobe Dressing Mirror
360 Degree View

Made To Your Size
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Select a standard size or contact us to create a special size for your project

Choose A Flat Top Or Raised Top Version of this custom made tri fold mirror

You may add an optional bevel to every full length dressing mirror
Our full view 360 degree mirrors can be floor standing or wall mounted.

Looking For Wardrobe Mirror Ideas?
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Learn How To Select The Size And Get Informations About Our Three Panel Panel Dressing Mirrors
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  • How Do I Select A Size - What do the numbers represent
  • What is the difference in a flat top and raised top mirror
  • Can I get a 360 degree view
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