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Custom Wall Decor Since 2001

EZ Shipping:  15% of the total Purchase Price

EZ Shipping is 15% of the total purchase price. We guarantee absolute safe delivery. For example, a product with a price of $100 is only $15 dollars to ship. Likewise, a product with a price of $1,000 costs $150 for guaranteed safe delivery. The shipping charge is for the combination of all the items on the order shipped to 1 location.
We have shipped thousands of items and have customers in all 50 states. Our specialty is creating products to fit unique color style and size requirements. We provide custom products not readily available in the general marketplace. Our Guaranteed Safe Delivery assures you will safely receive the special custom product you created.

Standard and Small Packages Ship UPS And FedEx

SMALLER PACKAGES Approximately 48" x 36" and smaller will be sent by UPS or FedEx. You will receive notification of the expected arrival date when you receive your tracking number from UPS or FedEx. For these smaller packages UPS and FedEx will bring the package to the door or use the standard delivery for your building.

Oversize Freight - Less Than Truckload Shipments

LARGER AND HEAVIER PACKAGES will be sent on a large truck with a National Freight Carrier.
You will be contacted by the shipping company several days prior to the actual date of receipt to set up a time window for the delivery. Be sure to have someone at the location on the day and time of the delivery, or you may be charged for re-delivery by the carrier.

The carrier WILL NOT leave the LTL shipments if someone is not home to receive it. These larger and heavier packages shipped in a large truck will be DELIVERED TO YOUR DRIVEWAY OR CURB the items will NOT be taken inside.  Very large products are sent in a wooden crate. In some parts of the country Inside Delivery is available at an extra charge. Contact us for more information. 

Please also note that we pay for the delivery anywhere the large 18-wheel tractor trailer trucks can safely travel.
When delivery occurs at a location that cannot be serviced by the carrier - then the delivery point will be the nearest freight terminal.  It is also possible to make arrangement to meet the truck at a location near the delivery point and off load the crate to your vehicle.  Please contact us with any questions BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER.

We Provide Special Shipping Options

Shipping To Alaska And Hawaii

We are very experienced Shipping to Alaska And Hawaii. Contact Us For Pricing.

When Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii - Smaller packages ship FedEx or UPS. The larger truck freight shipments to Alaska usually travel "over the road". We arrange Ocean Freight shipments to Hawaii - with vessels sailing twice a week. We guarantee safe shipping on all products shipped to Alaska and Hawaii.

Contact Us For Alaska And Hawaii Shipping Rates

Shipping To Canada

All shipments To Canada include all import duty taxes and fees. Contact Us For Pricing.


We guarantee safe delivery on all Canadian Shipments - Smaller packages ship FedEx or UPS. The larger truck freight shipments travel with a select group of International Trucking Companies experienced with delivering to the various regions of Canada.

Contact Us for Shipping AND Duty Charges to Canada

Southern California - Pick up At Our Warehouse

Live In Southern California? You can save when you pickup up at our Southern California Warehouse Store.

We fabricate all our Wall Decor In our Southern California Facility . You can save when you pick up your item at our California Warehouse Store.

Contact Us For Our Southern California "Will Call" Information

Custom Wall Decor Since 2001 - We guarantee Safe Delivery


We Guarantee Absolute Safe Delivery

Guaranteed Safe Delivery for every product we ship. Simply contact us within 2 days of the receipt of the damaged shipment. We have developed wonderful relationships with our shipping providers over the years and will handle every thing from our side. We will simply need a description and images of the damage. We will contact you on the next steps - and if necessary quickly replace the damage item.