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Wapped On Our Thick Natural Self Healing Corkboard
We work with individuals and designers across the country to make fabric wrapped wall decor with their fabric. Creating an exact match to your decor is easy when you send the fabric - We can help with ideas for using my fabric to Create a frameless fabric wrapped cork board - a French bulletin board - memory board with ribbon - photo ribbon board or a custom framed bulletin board with the exact fabric you used in your home or office.  We can make acoustic wall panels and upholstered wall panels with your fabric.  Make any size.  Learn how to select the fabric and where to send the fabric after you make the purchase.

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FW1002: SEND YOUR FABRIC- Fabric Cork Bulletin Board

Send your fabric to create a custom frameless fabric wrapped cork bulletin board to your exactly match your decor. Make any size - and fit a unique space with a professional wallboard using your fabric color and style

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