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Creating Custom Wall Decor Since 2001

 Custom Fabric Wrapped Cork Wall Panels

Make Any Size From 12 inches x 12 Inches To 12 Feet x 5 Feet

Select From Over 50 Fabric Colors - Use Thumbtacks, Push Pins, Long T-pins or Velcro

Thick Textured Fabric Wrap Cork Boards  - 12"X12" And Up - Make Any Size
Durable & Long-Lasting Fabric Pin Boards and Fabric Message Boards
For Home or Office
View All Colors Here

Hand Wrapped Fabric Covered Wall Panels - Large Fabric Wrapped Bulletin Boards - Acoustic Fabric Panels - Upholstered Wall Panels - Combine To Fit Any Size Wall with Multiple Panels

Make individual panels as large as 60" x 144"

Style FW800: Custom Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels And Bulletin Boards - Made With Natural Self Healing Cork

Our Durable And Dependable FW800 Series Hook And Loop Fabric Wrapped Cork Bulletin Board Is Available
In Over 50 Colors.
Made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester and pure grain natural cork
Make any size from 12" square to 60" x 144" without a seam in the fabric.
Use at home or at the office.

Purchase The Exact Size To Fit Your Wall

Examples our pricing are shown in the table
Enter Your Size In The Custom Wallboard Calculator On
The Product Page

Purchase A Very Small Cork Board For Your Home Or A Very Large Wall Panel For Your Office

From 12" x 12" To 60" x 144"

Price Guide - Popular Sizes





12 x 12


36 x 48


16 x 20


36 x 60


20 x 24


48 x 60


24 x 30


48 x 72


24 x 36


48 x 96


30 x 40


60 x 96


36 x 36


60 x 120


40 x 40


60 x 144


The Depth Of Style FW800 Is 1.5" Which Includes A strong Internal Frame. We Can Fabricate Smaller Fabric Boards That Are 3/4" Thick Up To 4' X 8' Feet

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Create The Perfect Size For Your Home Office Fabric Board
Made To Fit Your Unique Space

Add Attractive Organizational Space With Our Thick Fabric Mounted Over Natural Self Healing Cork.
Make the exact size you need Order Here.

Custom Professional Fabric Cork Boards And Fabric Display Wall Panels In Any Size

Thick Hook And Loop Fabric Use Push Pins or Velcro

Our thick fabric is hand wrapped over natural self healing cork and supported with a strong internal frame. Because they can accommodate long "T" pins and Velcro our fabric boards are used as display panels to organize objects - support apparel, accessories and other heavier items.
Create One For Home or
Create One For Business

Create A French Bulletin Board
Memory Board with Ribbon

Every fabric covered wallboard up to 48" x 96" can also be made as Custom French Bulletin Board. In addition to the fabric you also select the color or ribbon and style of nailhead. Our French bulletin boards are unique because you can Pin on the fabric corkboard and Tuck your memories under the ribbon. Create A French Bulletin Board Here

Create a framed fabric wrapped cork bulletin board - match the decor of your home or office. Use our quick shop feature to see every frame in you exact size by price - make a framed fabric wrapped cork bulletin from 12 x 12 inches to 8 x 4 feet. Note: Select the fabric wrap picture on the product page and follow the prompts to checkout.
Create A Framed Fabric Cork Bulletin Board Here

Custom Wall Panels In Any Size

FW800 Fabric Wrapped Custom Cork Bulletin Boards And Wall Panels

We Use Thick Natural Self-Healing Cork Mounted On Fiberboard and a Strong Durable Internal Frame which we then hand wrap with our Classic Hook And Loop Fabric - available in over 50 colors.

This thick fabric is great for home or office - long lasting - does not show pin holes. Our smaller fabric pin boards work well in any room of the home - and can be created very long and narrow to fit that special place. We use extra wide fabric which allows the fabrication of extra large fabric wall panels. 
Order up to 60" X 144" without a seam in the fabric.

Our large wall panels and fabric covered cork bulletin boards are used as acustic fabric panels, very large fabric message boards and upholstered wall panels. Our professional fabric wall panels are used in commercial and hospitality settings throughout the country - we have fabricated multiple orders for large corporations like Disney - Boeing - Wyndham.
Our primary business however is with residential and small business clients throughout the country.

Easy to mount and remove

Installation of our custom fabric wallboards is easy. We use sturdy traditional "D" Rings and wall hooks on our smaller fabric cork bulletin boards and Easy To Mount And Remove interlocking wall bracket bracket on our larger fabric covered wall panels. The hanging system for the large boards will have one element already attached to the top of each board with the element for the wall taped to the back of the board. Simply remove the tape and position the wall brackets into the wall studs and then lift the wallboard up and let it lock gently into place into the interlocking element you have attached to the wall. Later, if you need to remove the wallboard, simply lift it off the wall and remove the supports - fill the holes with spackling paste and touch up with paint.

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