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Any Size - Any Combination of Material - Chalkboard, Cork, Dry Erase, Fabric Wrapped, French Bulletin And Personalized Headers

Custom combination boards - Any Size - Any Combination
Since 2001 we have been building personalized custom combination boards.

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Every Frame Can Make A Combination Board

Although We Show All Frames With A Cork Insert EVERY FRAME can make a Combination Board.

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Click On The Style Of Your Choice And Then Scroll Down To Select The Picture Of The Combination Board. Enter your size and then proceed to the next page to select your combination options.

Every Best Value Cork Combination Board is made to order so you can select the Exact Size you need. We guarantee safe delivery anywhere in the USA.

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We think you will enjoy this Menu Of Combination Board Options. Personalize to create a unique combination from thousands of possible options.

Take Your Time - This is a long page - Many great choices - Lots of ideas as you Scroll Down.

Here is how to personalize a combination board to your custom size where you can mix and match cork, chalk, dry erase, and fabric wrapped material as you like.
  • Start: Select a Frame Style to match your decor and budget. There are links to many options below - Click here to view styles by the width of each frame.
  • Next: Select the Combination Board Icon On The Frame Style or your choice - Then enter your custom size.
  • TO FINISH - You will be Directed To A New Page to select from 5 combination options and add your choice of material - cork, chalk, dry erase, or fabric wrapped cork .

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These Are The 5 Standard Combination Formats You Will See On The Product Page - A, B, C, D or E.
You Can also Contact Us With Your Own Unique Design
Custom combination board - select from these 5 optiona


A Detailed Menu Of Links To Our Combination Board Frame Styles Are Displayed Under The Various Format Options Below

ANY SIZE: No limits - We can make any custom size - Very Small to Extra Extra Large.
ANY DIRECTION: Tall and Narrow or Very Wide and Short - No problem.
ANY COMBINATION: Choose a standard format - or design a style for your specific requirements.

Customers Design
Unlimited Options

Custom Combination Boards Using Customers Design

Combination Using Your Design

We make combination boards in any size and can use unlimited combinations. Contact us with your custom design.  We can help you create a Personalized Combination Board - just right for the space in your home or office.

3 Ways To Add Fabric To Your Custom Combination Board

We use a durable thick fabric to wrap our custom wallboards.

This fabric is wrapped over the natural self-healing cork and is available in over 50 colors. We use the same fabric for our frameless custom fabric wrapped wallboards.
Go here to see the fabric colors. 

Add Fabric To Any Combination Board

custom combination boards with fabric covered cork bulletin boards

Option 1:  Add Fabric to any cork portion when choosing the combination options. 
You will be directed to a new page to make the actual fabric choice.

We offer 50 colors - the same colors used for our farmeless fabric wrapped wallboards. You may preview all the colors now by browsing our Frameless Fabric Wrapped Wallboards. 

Add Nail Heads To Outline The Fabric

custom combination boards with fabric and nail head trim

Option 2:  Add fabric and nail head brads to any cork portion of the combination board.
The use of the nail head brads requires a very percise measurement - and we ask that you Contact Us for help in selecting the brads. We want to assure we provide the proper spacing - and size of nail head.

The price of the nail head option is $4.00 per square foot for the portion of the board that is wrapped in fabric

Create A French Bulletin Combination

Custom fabric combination board with a french bulletin board

Option 3: Add fabric with ribbon and brads to create a French Bulletin Board on the cork portion of the combination board.
The use of the nail head brads with the ribbon requires a very percise measurement - and we ask that you Contact Us   for help with the selection of ribbon and brads.

The price of the ribbon and brad option is $8.00 per square foot for the portion of the board that is wrapped in fabric.

Take Combination Boards To The Next Level With Custom Header Wallboards

Unlimited possibilities with custom Header Combination Wallboards.

Traditional Custom Header Boards For Home Or Office 

combination board with a simple header

Personalize your family room or kitchen - a childs room - the waiting room of a business - an office lunch room. or school hallway.
Custom Header Boards can be made in any size.

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Custom Corporate Combination Boards
Made In Any Size

Custom combination board with header and footer

Add a professional look with a custom combination information board. We can create a unique board to fit your work flow. Consider any combination of a header - subheaders and a footer to display your information.

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Header Combination French Bulletin Fabric And Fabric Wrap

Custom combination boards with header and fabric wrapped french bulletin boards

Create A Unique Header Combination

The possibilities are endless. Use fabric to add style to the combination board - Then ribbon and brads to create a Memory Board - And Personalize with a custom header. Header boards can be used at home school or the office.

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