CC300-03 - 72" Wide Chain of Command Board

Price: $2,999.00
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Chain Of Command Board 72"x48"

When you make the purchase online for Chain of Command board, we will contact you to discuss and work together to create a unique chain of command board using your ideas, colors, and logos. Our design team will prepare a personalized mockup of your board for approval.

Two photo frame sizes are available: 8” x10” and 5” x7”. For a board of 48" x 72", you can use a maximum of 18 frames in the 8” x10” size and 36 frames in the 5” x7” size. The number and place of the photo frames can be optional. You have a choice of frame and background colors. We will use your unique colors, logo, and icons to help you design the board and provide production proof for approval.

Contact us for a Special Design

Want to create a custom size or use a different frame or background material? Please get in touch with us. We can design a unique Chain of Command Board for your School, Business, or Military Unit.