Mirror Cutting Tolerance is +/- 1/16 Inch. To place a mirror "inside" a frame, consider making it 1/4" smaller. 
Contact us for an exact size cut - The price will vary based on the shape and type of cut.
$99.99 Sq Foot
Antiqued Gold Vein With Premium Clear Mirror
Enter Your Size From 1 to 32 square Feet - Longest size Cannot Exceed 96 Inches.
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1/4" Thick - Flat Polished Edge
Our AntiqueGold Vein Mirrors Are Fabricated In Southern California
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LARGEST SIZE: 32 Square Foot

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Gold Vein Premium Clear Mirror Glass

This Decorative Mirror has a random gold vein design presented on a premium clear mirror. Notice this is not an antique mirror but a clear mirror with a beautiful random gold vein design. This unique application has the appeal of an Antiqued Mirror with a premium clear mirror application. The mirror has a great reflective quality as shown in the picture above. The antiqued gold veins vary in size and create an intriguing visual impact.  Our style AM90-7 has a similar gold vein look and also has the antiqued application. 

Our Standard Antiqued Gold Vein mirror sheets are 1/4 inch thick and 4' x 8' feet. They are fabricated with premium mirror glass in Southern California. We can cut and polish any size - simply enter your width and height in the calculator above. Larger sizes are available on request. We can cut antique gold vein mirror tiles in any size.

Each Gold Vein Mirror With Clear Mirror Glass Is Unique

One of the aspects of their popularity is the non uniform - imperfect quality. While the base color and general format of a specific style is always the same, the appearance of the antiquing will vary within the mirror glass sheet.

We can use this antique mirror style to create a Framed Custom Antique Mirror in any size.
To request a quote simply provide the size or your mirror along with the Style Number of the Mirror Frame and Style of the antique mirror glass.

Have questions about our antique gold vein mirrors - we are here to help.

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