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How To Make A French Bulletin Board

We offer 2 choices of fabric for our Custom French Bulletin Boards"

(1) Use our fabric - Select from 50 colors of a Solid Thick Textured Fabric - No Pin Holes - durable and long lasting - Our fabric can make custom memory boards with ribbon as large as 48" x 96"

(2) Send Your Fabric - Create an exact match to your decor or be creative with any style or color of fabric available in the marketplace - Then use our natural self healing cork and professional internal frame to create a one of a kind French Bulletin Board for you home or office.

How Much Fabric Should I send?

You should add a minimum of 4” to both the Width and Height of the fabric. For example if your wallboard is 31” x 43” – You should send a minimum of 39” x 51”

What We Have Learned About Fabric Selection From Our Clients And Fashion Designers

One of the popular Custom Walldecor Options we offer is the ability for our clients to exactly match the fabric in their home or office with a  frameless fabric wrapped bulletin board or custom French bulletin board as described here.  We work with home owners and home designers across the country to create custom wallboards with the fabric they supply. Here are a few things we have learned that you might consider when selecting your fabric.

* Pin holes can show with thin or sheer fabric – thicker or textured fabric works best for cork boards. One of our designers uses a push pin in the fabric store to test the corner
* Bright white is beautiful when new – but turns grey with the ink from paper. Consider an "Off White" if you are working with a white color scheme and will be posting a lot of paper with ink.
* Fabric can “Run Off Grain” – the threads in the fabric might not run straight making it difficult to achieve a perfectly balanced position. If you love the pattern – just accept this special characteristic of your fabric.
Stripes will be wavy. When the fabric is pulled and blocked – straight lines will be wobbly. Best to use a solid or pattern fabric if wavy lines are a concern.

Common Questions About Our French Bulletin Boards

* What is the normal Size of a French Bulletin Board?
Our most common size is 24" x 36" inches - however we make our custom memory boards as small as 12" x 12" and as large as 8 feet x 4 feet.

* Can you offer French Bulletin Board ideas?
Visit our gallery for French bulletin board ideas - we have made hundreds of memory boards in the last 20 years - view various finished products for inspiration on how to make your custom French bulletin board.

* We are frequently asked how to make a French bulletin board.
Our process starts with a strong internal frame - which is covered with natural self healing cork - and then wrapped with fabric. We add a coordinating ribbon and finish the process with a choice of a nailhead brad. The process is the same with our fabric and the fabric send by our clients from around the country. We make high quality long lasting professional French bulletin boards. The defining feature of our French Bulletin - Memory Board is the use of thick natural self healing cork which allow our clients to pin into the cork and tuck under the ribbon.

If you send the fabric - after you make a purchase send your fabric to this address

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Art Concepts Wall Décor Superstore
23132 La Cadena Drive
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Laguna Hills CA

We are here should you have any questions about the fabric selection or fabrication of our French Bulletin Boards.

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