The size must exceed 32.125 square feet. For a size of 32 sq feet or smaller use our style MT105.  Additional discounts available on "Large" quantities purchased at the same time.  We can fabricate special sizes.  
This item Does Not include mounting hardware. Mounting methods differ with type of construction and mounting surfaces. 
Contact us for recommendations or questions. 
Magnetic Porcelain Steel
Maximum Width 16 Feet
Maximum Height 5 Feet
1/2 " Thick
Unfinished Edges
Custom Cut To Your Size
Wallboard Material Calculator
LARGEST SIZE: 80 Square Foot

1/4 = .25 | 1/2 = .50 | 3/4 = .75

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Custom Cut Giant Oversize Magnetic Chalkboard
Typical production time is 2 weeks.  We ship from Southern California.
Back to school production and other seasonal activity can increase lead time.
For a specific Required Date - Contact us.   

$45.00 sq ft - Smallest Size 32.5 sq feet
MT107 Oversize Porcelain on Steel Magnetic Black Chalkboard Sheet Material 1/2" Thick

Cut any size OVER 49" X 96" to 5' x 16' 
Heavy Duty and Long-Lasting 

Custom cut black chalkboard material - make any size up to 5 feet x 16 feet.

The largest size in one direction is 60" and in the other 16' Anything smaller can be cut in one piece. The sides of the material are unfinished.

Use This Guide - We Custom Cut Any Size.

Order Extra Large Magnetic Black Chalkboards
Any Size Up To 5 ft to 16 ft 

Price Guide - Popular Sizes





49 x 96


60 x 144


60 x 96


60 x 156


60 x 108


60 x 168


60 x 120


60 x 180


60 x 132


60 x 192


Looking for a smaller magnetic black chalkboard? Our style MT106 Magnetic Black Chalk Board material can be custom cut in any size 4 feet x 8 feet or smaller.

Custom Wall Decor Since 2001

Oversized Magnetic Black Chalkboard Material

We Custom Cut To Your Size

Create Any Size Custom Cut Oversize Magnetic Porcelain on Steel Black Chalkboard From 49" x 96" to 5 feet to 16 feet - 1/2 Inch Thick And Very Durable.
Just enter the width and height in the calculator above - confirm the size - enter any special comments and place the item in your shopping cart.
Note: Make the entry in inches - Do not exceed 60 inches one way and 192 inches the other way.

Large Quantity Discounts Available

This item is an Extra Large - OVERSIZED - black chalkboard.
Need a SMALLER porcelain steel white board 48" x 96" or less? Our style MT106 Magnetic Black Chalkboard Material is 1/4 inch thick and can be custom cut in any size from 12" x 12" to 4' x 8'

Our porcelain steel chalkboards are used in schools, collages, coffee shops, restaurants, corporate offices, factories and private residences throughout the country.

We guarantee safe delivery on all custom cut material
Large Quantity Discounts Available

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