Soft Resilient and SELF HEALING
Natural Tan
Any Size up to 36" in diameter - Contact us for larger sizes.
Cork Circles are mounted on a strong pinnable fiberboard with a hard backing to support mounting.
Standard thickness 3/4" - other options available

MT112 Frameless Round Mounted Cork Bulletin Board Circles - Custom Cut To Size

Price: $24.00
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MT112 Unfinished Round Frameless Cork Board Circle

We can make any size from 12" to 36" in diameter.
Contact us for larger sizes.
We use High Quality Natural Self Healing Pure Grain Cork. The cork itself is 1/4" thick and has a smooth resilient surface.

Custom cut black chalkboard material - make any size up to 4 feet x 8 feet.

We mount the 1/4" cork on a 3/8" high quality fiberboard and then include a 1/8" hard backing surface for "D" ring hangers. 5/8" push pins can easily be inserted. The standard finished size is 3/4" thick. Contact us if you would like a thinner board to be used for your project or to be inserted into your frame.

Use This Guide - Order Any Size.

Order Any Size From 12" to 36" in diameter.

Price Guide - Popular Sizes





12" Round


28" Round


16" Round


30" Round


20" Round


32" Round


24" Round


36" Round


With our natural self healing cork - pin holes do not show - and standard push pins can be fully inserted into the cork.
Over the years we have received many requests to modify our round cork circles. We have created a special large round cork board that was 1.5 inches thick for a telescope support in Arizona. We can print your logo or text on any corkboard and can easily modify the thickness to make a very thin round bulletin board for a special project. We can cut special shapes on request - like the outline of your company logo - or the state of Texas.

Additional discounts are available for multiple unit purchases.
Contact us with you special requests.

Custom Wall Decor Since 2001

We only use high quality 100% pure grain natural self healing cork.

Cut To Any Size Between 12" to 36" in diameter.
We can also fabricate very large circles on request.
Our round cork circles use 1/4 inch natural self healing cork on 3/8 inch pinnable fiberboard
with a 1/8 inch hard backing for a total of 3/4 inch thick .
The self healing quality of our cork assures standard push pin holes will not show.
Durable and Long Lasting
Our high quality cork circles can be painted or stained to match your decor.

We guarantee safe delivery on all custom cut material
Large Quantity Discounts Available

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